Agricultural Economist with 29 years’ experience, teaching and engaging in research and consultancies in resource use, gender and policy evaluation. She obtained a PhD in Agricultural Economics from the University of Ghana in 2003 and has since explored what other countries discuss on the subject. Irene has travelled widely to all the continents to attend conferences to deliver or listen to other colleagues. She has built a strong background in micro-finance practice having led a development NGO, Multi-Features and Capacity-enhancing Services (MFCS) to study finance access attitudes of small entrepreneurs for over a decade. She is currently the Lead Researcher of two projects that aim at understanding the productivity, profitability and sustainability of organic and conventional farming systems.  Prof. Egyir has 40 publications to her credit and has served as editor and reviewer for a number of journals. She had a chance to work as Technical Advisor on a USAID-supported Agriculture and Agribusiness Unit Capacity Building project at the Ministry of Finance from 2014-2017. She was a former Head, Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness and sells brown rice as a past time. Her hobby is swimming and dancing to good music.

Prof. Irene Egyir